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Model No: Long Block
• Long Service Life
• High Quality Spare Parts
• No MOQ limitation
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• Other Engine Parts : Cylinder Head, Camshaft,Con Rod,Engine Bearing,Crankshaft

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What is long block ?

A long block is an engine sub-assembly that consists of the assembled short block, crankshaft, cylinder head, camshaft (usually), and valve train. A long block does not include fuel system, electrical, intake, and exhaust components, as well as other components.

Our advantage 

Your trustworthy Chinese purchase business partner, more than 21-years export experience,up to 60 product and sales managers; full range of auto parts category provide you a one-stop auto spare parts shopping center;20000+ OE data base guarantees that we supply the correct product; Independent order and documents department make sure each order delivered on time. Nitoyo ,Your trustworthy Chinese purchase business partner.

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Top Level Material
Cylinder block, crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, camshaft, and balance shaftcylinder head, including valves, valve springs, valve seats, and rocker arm assembly oil pump assembly and complete gasket kit, including front and rear seals and all other required gaskets,e and all those spare parts above can be also sold separately.

cylinder head factory 1
cylinder head factory 2

What about the quality ?

Long-Life Expectancy- these critical parts are manufactured by leading companies,other part comes from reliable manufacturers, these sets guarantee long functional life,outstanding performance, and high efficiency.Easy availability of the spare parts -- the key parts are same as parts for vehicle dieselenaine.better exchanae and universality and durable.

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Outer cartons

Packing &delivery

Using Specialized packing to protect the long blocks safely delivered to the destination.Considering the different culture and aesthetic we provide customized packing design on the basic of required quantity.

No MOQ limitation

As we have scientific production schedule, our long blocks used for full ranges of car model, has no MOQ limitation

See how a long block assembled

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    Part Pame Engine
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai 3SZ
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4ED
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4EE
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4FC
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4FD
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4FG
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4GC
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4KA
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4KD
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4KE
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4LA
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4LC
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4LD 1.4T
    For Hyundai Long Block Hyundai G4NA G4NB


    3SZ HB LONG BLOCK-2 G4KE G4KA (4)  G4LC (2)
     Engine Long Block Hyundai 3SZ Long Block  Engine Long Block Hyundai G4KE Long Block  Engine Long Block Hyundai G4KA Long Block  Engine Long Block Hyundai G4LC Long Block

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