NITOYO Center Console Pad Organizer Tray 4PCS Set Fits for Tesla Model S/X

The Center Console Pad in this four-piece set are meticulously designed to Tesla Model S/X’s center console. Through comprehensive customization, each mat perfectly fits the Model S/X’s interior.
With lower storage mat for the armrest, upper storage mat, and a wireless charging mat with side pockets, this set utilizes the multi-tiered design to make the most of the Model S/X’s center console space. Each center console mat serves a specific purpose, enhancing the organization and efficiency of in-car storage.
The center console wireless charging mat is equipped with side pockets, providing a convenient storage space for items like smartphones.
Recognizing the possibility of bringing items such as phones and wet belongings into the car, these Center Console Pad mats may feature waterproof and stain-resistant materials. This design facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance, contributing to a consistently clean and tidy car interior.
The choice of materials emphasizes both sophistication and durability, ensuring that these Center Console Pads maintain a high-quality condition over extended periods of use. Wear-resistant and pressure-resistant features contribute to an extended pats lifespan, providing a durable and long-lasting user experience.


Price:$17~$18.4      MOQ:10

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Brand: NITOYO Material: Plastic
Package Dimensions: 14.13*7.24*2.44 inches Item Weight: ‎2.05 pounds
Color: Black Quality Assurance: One-year Warranty and 30,000 Kilometers Coverage.

Vehicle Fitment Information

 Tesla Model S   Tesla Model X

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