What is auto steering system?

The series of devices used to change or maintain the direction of the car's driving or reversing is called the steering system. The function of the steering system is to control the direction of the car according to the driver's wishes. The steering system is crucial to the safety of the car, so the parts of the steering system are called security parts. Automotive steering system and braking system are two systems that must be paid attention to automotive safety.

How does the steering system work ?

In a hydraulic power steering system, the amount of steering assistance depends on the amount of pressure acting on the piston of the steering power cylinder, and if the steering operating force is higher, the hydraulic pressure will be higher. The variation of hydraulic pressure in the steering power cylinder is regulated by a steering control valve attached to the main steering shaft.

steering rack position1

The steering oil pump delivers hydraulic fluid to the steering control valve. If the steering control valve is in the middle position, all of the hydraulic fluid will flow through the steering control valve, into the outlet port, and back to the steering oil pump. Since little pressure can be generated at this point, and the pressure at both ends of the steering power cylinder piston is equal, the piston will not move in either direction, making it impossible to steer the vehicle. When the driver controls the steering wheel in either direction, the steering control valve moves to close one of the lines, and the other line opens wider, causing the hydraulic fluid flow to change and pressure to build up. This creates a pressure difference between the two ends of the steering power cylinder piston, and the power cylinder piston moves in the direction of low pressure, thus pressing the hydraulic fluid in the power cylinder back to the steering oil pump through the steering control valve.

What are the spare parts included in the steering system ?

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