How Do You Know If Your Steering Rack Is Wrong ?

The method of judging that the steering rack of the car is broken is:

  • Unsteady direction when driving
  • The free travel of the steering wheel becomes larger, and it is difficult to return the steering wheel
  • understeer or oversteer
  • Steering wheel shakes, direction wobbles, and heavy steering
  • Abnormal noise of car steering, etc.

If the steering rack is broken, there will be the following failures:

  • When you turn the steering wheel in place, there will be abnormal noises,or no matter in situ or when the speed does not exceed 20KM, there are abnormal noises;
  • The steering wheel is very loose or the steering wheel is heavy and very laborious.
steering rack position

The reason for the abnormal noise of the car steering rack:

  • The steering column is not lubricated and the friction is high
  • Check for low power steering oil
  • Check the gimbal for problems
  • Chassis suspension balance rod lifting lug rubber sleeve aging and hardening
  • The plane bearing is broken
  • The correct method of large steering wheel can better protect the car steering wheel:
  • Avoid turning the steering wheel on the spot, try to turn the steering wheel after the vehicle has moved, turn the steering wheel on the spot, and only adjust the parking space in special circumstances. It is used occasionally.
  • When the vehicle is stopped, the steering wheel should be returned to the neutral position to avoid the suspension system and tires being loaded
  • When you need to make a U-turn, try to avoid the steering wheel hitting the dead center position

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